Bachelor of Science in Biology Major

A bachelor of science degree in Biology prepares you for graduate studies or a professional career in biology. SPU’s Biology program emphasizes undergraduate research, which will give you a competitive edge. You may choose core and elective courses focused on botany, cellular and molecular biology, 生态, 海洋生物学, 生理学, 或动物学, depending upon your interests and professional goals.

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As a Bachelor of Science in Biology major, you’ll focus on understanding humans, 动物, and plants from a biological perspective. You’ll gain a solid foundation in research methodology while increasing your knowledge of the 生理学, 人类学, and development of the life all around us.

Courses and Requirements

For a Bachelor of Science in Biology major, you will be required to take at least 104 credits, including at least 35 upper-division biology credits. 回顾所有的 bachelor of science in Biology courses and requirements,以及 suggested course sequence.

In addition to the core and supporting requirements, 12 credits of biology elective courses are also required. You should discuss elective courses with your Biology faculty advisor. If you are interested in graduate school, you should consult with your advisor as to whether coursework beyond degree requirements (e.g., physics, MAT 1235) is appropriate.

As a part of either core requirements or electives, you are required to take a minimum of three credits of field biology courses, taught primarily in the field and emphasizing field methods. 也, as part of either the core requirements or electives, you must take at least one botany course (usually BIO 3453, 4415, or 4744).

An 本科研究 Project is required for graduation. You will collaborate with a faculty member on an investigation that requires a formal proposal (BIO 4978 Biological Research Proposal), and original research and presentation of results (BIO 4979). You are urged to begin your research as early as possible, as there is a three-credit minimum. No more than six credits of courses numbered from BIO 4900 through 4999 may be applied to this major.

To apply to the 生物学学士 major, you must make a formal application through your Degree Status Check page in Banner.



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